Monday, June 28, 2010

The “Little” Things

“It’s the little things….” We’ve all heard it; we’ve all said it. As part of my 2010 effort to focus more on the positive rather than doing what comes naturally and focusing on the negative*, I’ve been thinking about the “little” things lately. What are some of the seemingly small things that act as bright spots in your day or can even turn your day around? I find that the more conscious I am of these things and the more grateful I am for them, the more cheerful I am (duh).

Some of the “little” things I’ve thought of:

- a “driveby” kiss and “Love you” from one of my kids
- a stranger holding open a door for me
- someone telling me to jump ahead of him/her in a checkout line
- finding something I lost a while ago
- discovering that Hubby unexpectedly did one of my chores for me (like the dishes!)
- hearing something funny in a show the kids are watching
- a sincere compliment on a day when I’m feeling anything but attractive
- a call/email/note out of the blue from a friend
- trying something new and liking it

SO, what are YOUR “little” things?

* This is thanks largely to a friend who told me in December or January that every time he sees me, within the first five minutes I always say something negative. OUCH! Truth hurts!

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One Response to “The “Little” Things”

  1. David says:

    + when one of my kids snuggles up next to me unexpectedly.
    + when my sweetheart takes my arm when we’re walking somewhere.
    + the look on my dog’s face when she is “interested”.
    + the first cup of fresh, hot coffee from my Melitta drip filter.
    + the crunch of an apple right off the tree from my parents’ house, or a cob of corn picked right off the stalk and cooked.
    + getting unexpected comments or mail. ;o)